Peanut butter

I got up at midnight and was a bit hungry, so i decided to make peanut butter toast. I sat by the bed and talked to my mum, and talked her into sharing peanut butter toast with me! So we sat and ate peanut butter toast and i told her about a book i had just read – The Mystery of Drear House

It was about a boy named Thomas Small who had moved with his family into this house. Unknown to them there were tunnels connecting their house and a neighbours house with secret rooms. these were routes used by slaves to escape slave traders. Golden triangles made of gold were used on landmarks to denote which direction the slaves should escape too.

One of the characters in the book was a mentally ill lady who would wander around, and her daughter who would look after her. The mentally ill lady would wander into a room with ten beds for the orphan slavers to sleep in, and a beautifully decorated room in a different part of the tunnel. The lady’s husband and sons were not known to be nice people.

The story concluded with the kid Thomas Small and the girl finding some treasure, and their lives improving.