The Harry Potter Exhibition


I went to the Harry Potter exhibition with Simin and had a very good time. We saw Buckbeak and Fawkes the phoenix and the flying car, and clothes worn by Harry Potter and Ron Weaseley and the first beds they slept in. One of my favourite displays showed Hermoine’s prom dress in a light purple with lots of layers and the prison clothes worn by Sirius Black and Bellatrix Le strange.
I was a bit scared of the dementors to be honest. It was as if they possessed some dark life of their own as they hung down from the ceiling. I’m prety chicken like that.
I LOVED all the displays of the candy and the clothes worn by Xenophilius Lovegood and Luna Lovegood.

Enticed by the displays of candy Simin and I went to look at the shop. I couldn’t resist buying the guide to the show, and lovingly read through it. It contained Harry Potter’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts.

The shop sort of reminded you of Ollivander’s wand store, where they sell wands. the section in the middle was just for wands and filled from bottom to ceiling with wands for all the characters. I liked Sirius Black’s wand and Harry Potter’s wand. I just felt Harry Potter’s wand to be a classic. Simple, but embued with the memories of everything he did.
I bought a packet of Bertti Bott’s every flavour beans and have tried them since. Boogers was ok, but grass really tasted like grass and soap was absolutely disgusting. it was like having a foamy soap bubble in your mouth and trying to swallow it. I have yet to convince Simin to try them.

Simin wanted a wand but couldn’t decide and I almost wanted one but didn’t buy any.
We got the chocolate frogs though, because they had the magic cards in them. I got Professor Lockhart and Quirrel, but I wanted Dumbledore. I supposed most people do. Simin got Professor Snape and refused to exchange.

Well it was a memorable trip and thank you for reading.

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