Sandman Dreams

I have been having dreams about Sandman. For those of you who have never heard of Sandman. Sandman is a character from the Graphic Novel series by Neil Gaiman. Sandman is Dream of the endless, one of seven endless siblings. The other siblings are Destruction, Destiny, Desire, Despair, Delirium and Death. These figures are personas of the qualities as above. Dream or Morpheus as he is known, governs the realm of dream.

Anyway in the first dream i had a few years ago, it was dark and cloudless, a night filled with stars, and the ground was solid. i ran up to Dream and his cloak was billowing purple. i hugged him. He embraced me pulling me close to him, and said nothing. No matter how i tried to extend the moment, it faded. it was as if he knew me, i will never forget the dream.

the second dream i had of Sandman was yesterday. there were shadow animals that kept devouring each other, and slipping off an edge they were running to. the shadow animals were continually slipping off the edge they were running to and disappearing. i was somehow one of the animals that kept escaping. i looked up and saw Sandman with his pouch of sand in his hands.

the third dream i had of Sandman was today’s dream, two dreams in a row. i was very poor and very cold. i was sleeping on top of a glass observatory with some other poor people. there was an old man there. i was talking to him. slowly we got up from the observatory glass because it was too cold to sleep on, and went inside the dark observatory to sleep. The observatory glass was beautiful, with an oval in the middle and all connected by glass. the observatory glass flipped open like a lid and we saw the night’s starlight. I saw Sandman and his twinkling eyes, telling me this was an important dream and inspiration for my writing.

Thank you for reading about my dreams, take care. Will post soon