The Egyptian God slays a demon

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 004

I thought this is a rather interesting artwork because it’s the first time I’ve drawn a demon. It was only after I drew it that i realized it felt real. The demon was from my mind. I wouldn’t say it was evil, it was more a manifestation of torment. When i feel tormented or tortured, it is this being which feels like the guardian.

When i started drawing the man, or the symbol which combats a demon, it somehow shaped itself into an Egyptian God. I believe in letting forces or the subconscious guide me when i am drawing, and somehow the figure became an Egyptian God. I feel it is Anubis or Set perhaps.

I feel protected somehow. I have never been able to ‘see’ things like some people can. I sense things but they don’t come near me. Perhaps i am being protected. I do not know.

I really did some soul searching with this post, it’s good to get it off my chest.

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