Collecting souls with Charon

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 012

I have a deep interest in the Underworld, and relate to it. Hades Persephone and Charon the ferryman are all figures that I hold close to my heart. When asked what my ideal job would be, I would probably say it is sailing the seven seas on The Flying Dutchman collecting souls.

Here in this picture I am seen to be collecting souls with Charon, not judging them. I don’t like to judge other people or other souls. I believe everyone has a unique path. I think that in future I will explore the role of Hades, but for now I am closer to Charon. I believe Hades and Charon to be listeners of the dead, to hear their concerns, and give their guidance.

Storm clouds or grey clouds in artwork are supposed to represent depression in an artist, make of it what you will. Sometimes I am depressed, sometimes just contemplative.

I think the souls floating around Charon and me are really beautiful, just finding their way. Charon is guiding them to the land of the dead.