In heaven with a friend

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 014

I believe if there is a heaven, it is vast. One aspect of heaven would look like this to me, just sitting quietly with a close friend, discussing or contemplating a book.

The goth is a sort of guardian of heaven, we all imagine what we relate to. A guardian would probably be sent to me, in the form of someone i could relate to. He would be it, the man in the drawing.

This drawing also symbolises what it means to be alone. I am alone, and I feel I will always be alone.

the purple pink background was carefully chosen. I searched long and hard for just the right colour pastel to represent the background. the colour had to be matching to what I saw when I had schizophrenia. It had to be exact. Down to the pink swirls mixed it.

I love this drawing, it brings me peace. I hope it brings you peace.