Christmas special

drawings 7th jan 2014 002

This is my Christmas special. I just wanted to do an art piece to share with friends and family and just get into the mood for Christmas. By the time I finally got down to doing this piece, it was 2 days before Christmas, something like that. I got it out on facebook just in time !

The essence of this picture, really is that Christmas is in the heart of everyone. The man in a bent tophat represents a hermit. Somehow on Christmas, he is surrounded by his tree, angels that have come to visit him, and cats that can decorate trees. A bit whimsical this one.

I started including the image of a homeless man or hermit in my work because I used to volunteer at a restaurant that served vegan food to homeless people. One of the men there who was homeless and played drums on buckets told me someone had invited him to the house for tea. This person pretended to be homeless, but actually had chandeliers in their house and nice crockery which the homeless man felt was very strange, Ever since then I have tried to imagine what he looked like.

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