Sally and Pierce the skeletons

The skeletons Sally and Pierce. They are holding a small white coffin between them. Representing the loss of life of their child, or holding between them life that was lost. Or feeling the weight and representing the loss of their lives between them. Or the loss of their shared life. Interpretations are boundless. Or Sally and Pierce could just be holding a loaf of bread between them for breakfast.

I love this sculpture piece, it was very true to form to what i wanted to say

Desiree Charmaine
Desiree Charmaine

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My name is Desiree Charmaine Lau. I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and continue to write Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry. I have a penchant for darker themes and love to explore the darker side of life. I love creating dark art and art that explores the subconscious mind and the afterlife. I love exploring and understanding the nature of existence and trying to write poems and novels that describe how I feel. I create art that is searching for answers and jewellery that reflects a kind of quiet spirituality.