From a former soul who enjoyed the grey mists and places in the underworld

How to write this, how to sing this, i don’t even know. The buddhists say life is suffering. Coming through the tunnel of darkness into light is one endless struggle after endless struggle.

Enjoy your time in the underworld and earth. These joys are finite. But nothing prepares you for what happens next when you stumble into the light. The spiritual responsibilities gifted to you by heaven are heavy enough to crush any soul.

What leads to the light is the torture of living and sustaining yourself forever. When the doors to the underworld close to you except by exception because your energy is no longer compatible, you are forced to accept your fate of endless existence.

In this life and the next. Nothing prepares you for the torture of endless existence when your life is over. Thats why its important to enjoy life. Start now. Enjoy your tea, your game of chess.

The endless light flooding your mind that does not go away. Where you walk, there is always light. You can’t even enjoy the darkness like before. Ghosts scatter away from your path when you want to say hello. It makes you sad. All your friends in the underworld miss you because you cannot go back. In dreams buy their food and clothes in the marketplace. Even if it is a fleeting dream if you are lucky.

Its coming for you as it came for me. The light. I wish you peace in your endless existence that is coming your way. That you have the strength, presence of mind, perserverence and calm to let the tides wash over you for eternity. Since only God can bless you, may God bless you abundantly and forge the path ahead for us. From a former soul who enjoyed the grey mists and the places in the underworld.

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