In the arms of God

Somehow when i reached the point of death, and returned. I landed in the arms of God. I feel incredibly blessed he was there to catch me, and renew me.

Sometimes through circumstances in life, whether people were mistreated or other circumstances, people become bad. They turn around and kill everyone. Whether in this life, or the afterlife. It feels like no one loves them. If you ever feel like no one loves you, remember that God is there to catch you if you fall and help you. When you least expect it, even if you don’t know what to do. The universe our mother takes care of us. That is why the universe is always moving, always changing. There are second chances for everyone, and no one is excluded.

And the most important thing i learnt is that even if all hope is lost, God can still pull all the pieces of you and all the dust particles you have become-across the universe, and make you whole again. I guess that is what this picture is about. My return from death and being caught in the arms of God when i least expected it.
Done in Spring, time of renewal.

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