The moment of separation

Thank you all for being here, you are all such a comfort to me. Sometimes i look through the drawings i do with difficult emotions. It is so very hard to talk about them but good to try, some artworks can’t really be explained well in words, i guess this is why they are artworks.

This artwork was done in winter, where i usually tend to have more melancholic and deeper reflection. It is a picture of God pulling me away from Death, whom i used to be close to. At least in this incarnation. We spent a lot of time in the underworld together. The moment of separation. While i am happy to be closer to God, everyone longs for their old friends.

I never really saw ghosts, more like demons and angels and deities. And many times when i was staying on my own, i saw a hooded figure in black by my bed. Not bad, just checking on me. It didn’t feel real until they brushed by the bed. The feel of the coarse black cloth of unearthly material was what really shook me to my senses. Apparently in a near death experience, my mother saw me reach out my hand and say someone was there. It was a golden figure of light. Someone was waiting to collect me. My energy moves so fast i always feel like a pile of stardust. I didn’t realise i could be collected. Until now. But thats a story for a different day.

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