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I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree. I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English in Melbourne, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and novels and poems, and i enjoy creating art that questions our existence.



The old man surrounded by flowering ginseng. Ginseng is a herb i’ve always had an affinity to. The taste, the scent the properties. I think i was influenced by the sheer amount of chinese medicine and medicinal teas i have been consuming. Also memories of consuming ginseng when i was not well. The picture denotes an old man linked to ginseng. At the end of his life and a kind of longevity. A kind of neverending growth and wisdom steeped in the ground. The Earth God. The jade jar collecting drops of youth that come from his wisdom. Any negativity being transformed into wisdom and growth.

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Visiting the God of the Nine Sky Heavens

Paying a visit to the God of nine sky heavens. After climbing through all the soul worlds to reach him, instead of having tea-he gave me healing. He was busy growing his spiritual green vines. Used for connecting mortals in the mortal realm to each other. With his hand on my back, i vomited a good quantity of blood. He steadied me and said nothing. We sat there for a long while before he sent me on my way

The Yin and Yang

This is my sketch of the yin and yang. I am looking at interpretation and this was the sketch. The two forces meet a the edge of a cliff one is the sun and one is water. The cliff is what we brush against in life. Man is the sun and energy woman is the water and fluid. Both are life giving in their own way. The sun rises and the water surges over the cliff. None can overpower the other. Each are balanced. 🙏🏻

Desiree Charmaine Lau
Desiree Charmaine Lau

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My name is Desiree Charmaine Lau. I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and continue to write Fiction, Fantasy. I love creating art that explores the subconscious mind and the afterlife. I love exploring and understanding the nature of existence and trying to write poems and novels that describe how I feel. I create art that is searching for answers and jewellery that reflects a kind of quiet spirituality.

The mysterious coughing of blood

After being alive since the beginning of time, and caring for immortals and mortals alike. The ebb and flow of life presents itself as a spurt of blood coughed out. Tracing the source of the blood flow may prove difficult. When it started and which immortal or mortal may have caused it is not possible to trace. An accumulation and amalgamation of countless lives. Though she has only lived one here. Its time to move back into seclusion with her spiritual kin. The trees with winding branches set at equal spaces awaits her. Her tea table waits for her. The grove long forgotten and few find.

I was emotional so the seal was stamped less than straight. But i think this adds to the work. A timely reminder of how i feel.

Spiritual totem pendant

This was my very first attempt at clay making. Literally the first time i popped clay in the oven. It is a winged being with a gold pyrite accent and amethyst accent finished with a quartz. A spiritual totem for spiritual guidance. I hand painted it. I remember being very nervous and inspired making it. The crystal accents were actually from my Auntie Clara’s crystals. When my Auntie Clara passed away we salvaged some of her crystals and i used them in this creative process.

Faerie petal necklace

I made this little piece with magenta floral petals that are sparkling with a gold stem and tubular clear quartz. It kind of looks like candy that a faerie would eat or a piece that a faerie would wear for a tea party ❤🌈