About Desiree Charmaine

I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree. I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English in Melbourne, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and novels and poems, and i enjoy creating art that questions our existence.

Walking Upstairs

Walking Upstairs

If you want to visit heaven, just for a short while; you have to walk upstairs.

It’s covid times, keep your friends close. The people you love can be gone the next day. Cherish the memories you make in the time that you have.

Even if it all comes to a close, theology, science, maths, art, philosophy, spirituality and everything we do is hard to find an equilibrium. What you are seeing is a process. Understand you are doing your best. If you are alive and reading this, you have incredible strength. If you are dead and reading this, please send your blessings and light our way.


Happy Halloween wherever you are and whatever it means to you. In honour of Sandman by Neil Gaiman soon coming to Netflix i made this Sandman sculpture relief sometime ago. He was kept away in the box for a long time no doubt giving dreams to all the other creatures in my box. I took him out of the box the time seemed right. This year i know has been difficult in many ways for many people and when i put up my decorations at the door. It dawned on me small children live on the same floor and i wanted something spooky but something that wouldn’t frighten the children but rather show that the darkness or shadow can be beautiful. The sandman on my front door was made with recycled clay. It was clay that kept coming to pieces. Im surprised its still in one piece apart from a little broken hair. The dragon was also very breaking apart clay. The key is not to use breaking apart clay. I have displayed the Sandman on my light in my room. He stands right next to a Dreamcatcher sold to me by musicians from South America. Its very appropriate i think. We get along well. Sandman is so sexy.

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The three great spirit fires

If you look closely, there are energy lines. Yellow for nobility and kindness, purple for spiritual wisdom and blue for intellectual wisdom. The colours are emanating out of the soul meaning these are the affinities of their soul. These are immortal fires so the energy that surrounds them caused by their interactions with existence and the universe and casuality are a kind of gold fire which is spiritually a protective colour. May these fires protect you and light your mind.

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The jade infused with light

A break in earthly relations, on the cusp of enlightenment. The jade infused with light, the apple jade is broken revealing life. The red knot of connections intact.

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The God of rain and thunder

The God of rain and thunder, the master of music. No one really knows what it means when rain flows and thunder breaks. He plays a tune on the qin, roiling grey clouds beneath him. Rain is flowing from his heart onto his strings. His light emanating from him.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone 🌕 I have been making snowskin mooncakes. Experimenting with a new recipe. The reason the mooncakes are white is because they celebrate and represent the fullness of the moon. These mooncakes were made with less sweet white lotus paste. Wishing you a warm and beautiful Mid-Autumn. May the moon bathe us with their blessings. 🌕

The Sphinx

I love sphinxes. They are the mother of all wisdom and they answer your questions with riddles. Only when you answer successfully do you find the door to yourself. This sphinx sits on a clear quartz crystal with many inclusions. The crystal looks like it has been cut from ice. From the desert to the ice. This sphinx is friendly. Their smile is welcoming. I look at it and ponder existence. The sphinx somehow looks ancient.

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Blue Pea Flower Snowskin Mooncakes

I’m making mooncakes this Mid Autumn. These are blue pea flower snowskin mooncakes (the lovely blue colouring comes from the flower) and the lotus paste is a less sweet brown sugar lotus paste. The less sweet lotus paste is really good. It has a lovely brown sugar gula melaka fragrance and its not too sweet. I find a small mooncake is just nice. We gave two away to mums friends. I make small batches. 6 mooncakes each time.