About Desiree Charmaine

I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree. I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English in Melbourne, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and novels and poems, and i enjoy creating art that questions our existence.

Nature walk this morning

Let me take you on a small, and strange and magical nature tour of my life this morning. I live in Singapore, its a small island in Southeast Asia. Its a tropical island so we have sun and rain 365 days a year. I am super blessed to have a park behind my house. I went on a walk this morning after breakfast. I managed to collect some fallen flowers from growing varieties in the park. I say fallen and i’m serious. I did not pick any growing flowers. Wouldn’t want to hurt the flowers. As i proceeded to retrieve the fallen flowers from the ground, i had to be very polite to the big red ants who were doing their collecting as well. I say its an achievement to not having been bitten. Humano-animalno co-operation to the max. The ants were also on the park railings so i had to do my stretching exercises elsewhere. What you see here are a variety of flower petals i found. All with very vibrant colours. Some random shots of flower specimens i found interesting as well. I proceeded to make some resin pendants full of bubbles and quirks cured imperfectly which i will show you soon. I am needing the help of my Saipeh when she is free.

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Saipeh and the blood on resin

My friend is being my Saipeh for this project. She explained to me that Saipeh is Teochew Chinese dialect for Master. She is teaching me how to work with resin. I think these are some of my favourite jewellery pieces of the year. Brown leaves moving as if in the wind, blood tears trying to reach each other. As if a drop of blood is frozen in time, on resin.

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Wire sword

I made this sword out of wire. It is my first time attempting this project. The binding went the wrong way but i will take note for next time. It still looks nice, like the kind of sword you use to exorcise evil. I think i will make more of them. They are a little difficult to make but worth it.

#sword #wire #creation #jewellery #wirejewellery #wirewrap #wirewrapping  #spiritual #amulet

Gothic brooch for my friend

I made this slightly more gothic looking brooch for my friend who gave me some costume jewellery to repurpose. It has a story, because the amethyst bead comes from a necklace that i strung. It was the last bead and i thought it would remind us of time spent together. The key is also a heart shaped design key. My friend is not a goth but she does like black gems so this seemed like the appropriate cabochon to use. She pinned it to her black bag and it looked awesome.

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Vampire brooch

My friend gifted me some costume jewellery she no longer wanted. I couldn’t resist obviously, making them into antique looking brooches. I do love a good vampy brooch.  It looks like the kind of brooch a vampire in the 19th century would wear out. I am such a vampire, for red berry juices. Maybe thats why i love these deep red beads.

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Contemplating the moon

Its been really busy for me but now i can catch a breath theres something i’ve been meaning to share with you. These are sketches from my visual diary. Sometimes the ideas make it into large artworks, sometimes they are personal expressions of how i feel that day. This is the latest one. So we can both feel the same energy.

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I am making mooncakes this year with a friend. I am giving her guidance on how to make. She is very excited and happy. She had a totally cool idea of mixing cranberries in the osmanthus lotus paste. It tasted so good. The different designs are pu-er tea flavour, osmanthus and cranberry and osmanthus and cranberry and walnuts. My friend likes nuts in her mooncake. It was crazy. We made mooncakes two days in a row.

#mooncake #mooncakefestival #osmanthus #pu-er #mid-autumn #midautumn #midautumn festival

The link between buddhas

This was an artwork that felt to be part of my unconscious process. A link between the spiritual teacher and the student. A thread, a lifeline of learning, the mystery of connection, karmic ties that lead even into the departing and the afterlife.

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