About Desiree Charmaine

I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree. I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English in Melbourne, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and novels and poems, and i enjoy creating art that questions our existence.

Three tier amethyst pendant

I made this beautiful three tier amethyst pendant. It really draws you in and magnifies your psychic energy and makes the wearer magnetic. It has a quartz for clarity in the middle and a teardrop amethyst at the top and a glacier rock kind of amethyst at the bottom. I really loved this piece.

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Protection and peace

I had the most incredible night watching Sigur Ros in Singapore for the first time. They are incredible live. I got back at nearly midnight and my brain is not working from all that amazing music. I think i haven’t slept. This is my own language. Its a prayer of protection and peace which i placed on the door grill at the start of hungry ghost month. Its the companion to the buddhas piece. They stand side by side. I just wanted the ghosts and whoever was passing our house to be protected and at peace. And if the ghosts didn’t know where to travel to, the language would help them. Stamped with my name and stamped that it was done in Spring

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The different stages of enlightenment

Its the seventh lunar month in Singapore. What it means according to my friend is that ghosts from all the different dynasties come into our world. People burn offerings to their ancestors and for people who don’t burn offerings like me, we just quietly sit back and observe. For some inexplicable reason i didn’t feel like seeing ghosts this year. Maybe its a temporary break maybe it is not. Maybe i will permanently direct them elsewhere. So when Spring came, i painted this and put it on the door. Literally it is the different stages of human enlightenment. The trials of love, suffering, ascension of the consciousness etc. Souls transforming into Buddhas. Human enlightenment is essential to humans. For everyone else, immortality is about death and rebirth. A continual process of great responsibility. The stamp is my name and below it says Spring.

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Three tier amulet with clear, womb, and gray

I have been very sick, down with an extended cold and had to make a trip to the hospital. Anyway sometimes i make jewellery during the day and this is a three tier amulet. The clear quartz at the top is a fine delicate point of faerie lineage meaning it has faerie energy or i hear faerie whispers from it. The pink calcite in the middle has energies of the womb and helps to open the feminine eye and the grayish quartz at the bottom helps absorb negativity. Together they are balanced and work well with feminine energy. The crystals mean something different to me than found in crystal books. I can only explain to you what they mean to me. My perspective on it. Frequently crystals are tools for my practice so i combine them differently to what is traditionally done.

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The reviving of the jade soul

The Gods reviving the jade soul energy between the two of them. Used for further spiritual development. The air lights up in silence as the jade soul is fused together.

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The lady of the golden lotuses

I am sharing this one because a few friends liked the composition. I have some advice to share as well. This is done in Chinese inks on watercolour paper. Though i do love this painting the spots probably due to water from the brush are driving me crazy. I loved the idea of this painting though. The lady of the golden lotuses. My advice is not to use Chinese inks on watercolour paper, the Chinese black ink does not take well to the paper. Neither does the Chinese seal. Still as my friend mentioned. The chaos is part of the process. My other friend mentioned. Just think of the spots as the design on her dress.

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Silvery white hair and Ophelia

I have always wanted long silvery white hair. Ophelia is my baby owl. She is guardian of my books. Meaning she sits on a stack of my books and watches over them.

Over the pandemic we lost people. People were there one minute and gone from our lives the next. What i learnt is that we never know if we will be here tomorrow. So no matter your size, your age your looks your disabilities. Just take your pictures and be happy. Every one of us completes the book of humanity. If we all had a photo, the book of humanity would be more complete.

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Art on the wall

I am decorating the wall outside my house with artwork. There is more and more artwork as time goes by. There are children living on the floor so i try to choose artwork that they can enjoy as well. I try to choose the pieces i never get tired of looking at.

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Leaning my forehead on the shoulder of God

One of my absolute favourite paintings

Leaning my forehead on the shoulder of God. I think we are both dressed in cold water blue. God is sometimes faceless and sometimes he has a face. Time stamped in winter. ❄️❄️❄️

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