About Desiree Charmaine

I studied two years of a Fine Arts Painting degree. I transferred and completed a degree majoring in Anthropology (study of human culture) and English in Melbourne, and undertook a Graduate Diploma in Arts (Creative Writing). I have written essays and studied youth alternative cultures in Melbourne, and continue to write Fiction Fantasy and poetry. I have a penchant for darker themes and love to explore the darker side of life.

Mental Health conference 2016

Hey everyone I will be at Max Atria on the 28th May for The Singapore Mental Health Conference (SMHC) 2016 will be held at MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO from Friday, 27 May 2016 to Saturday, 28 May 2016.

I will be selling handmade raw crystal jewellery wrapped in pure silver wire and art prints and postcards ! Please come and support the event ! Thank you so much !

The Elosar

The Elosar

The Elosar are beings from my novel. They are beings of white light who used to be human and are passing over a bridge in the time of the three moons. Two crescents and one full moon. The goddess is seen below the bridge, anchoring them to safety and guiding them.

The Priestess and The Emperor – Tarot Card Design

Tarot cards priestess and emperor 001 (2)

These are my drawings of The Priestess on the left and The Emperor on the right, of the Tarot deck of cards.

I Interpreted the Priestess as being spiritual, or intuitive, therefore she covers her eyes to see with her heart or her mind. The planets revolve around her, and the moon. This is to show she is not of the earthly realm.

A star governs her throat, which means she speaks from far away places.

The Emperor

The Emperor is depicted as a man of power, or a magician, who is called to action. Now is the time for aggressive action.

He is depicted on a throne with two sphinxes at his feet, the sphinxes represent a riddle or mystery and power is a riddle.