Side by side

And they sat side by side peacefully, a couple of angels holding on to little quartz crystals

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A motherly angel…

This is one of my little angels. I like to preface this by saying my little creatures seem to come alive once i make them. Hence i try my best to take care of them and prevent them from getting damaged. She has been sitting in my little box of treasures. She is one half of a pair. She has a motherly gaze and she is holding on to her quartz crystal for dear life.

I have worn her out to dinner before but as these little sculptures are made with polymer clay they are delicate. They are breakable if you sling your bag on top of them or drop them. Hence you do have to be careful. However they really are one of kind which makes them special.

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Happy Halloween wherever you are and whatever it means to you. In honour of Sandman by Neil Gaiman soon coming to Netflix i made this Sandman sculpture relief sometime ago. He was kept away in the box for a long time no doubt giving dreams to all the other creatures in my box. I took him out of the box the time seemed right. This year i know has been difficult in many ways for many people and when i put up my decorations at the door. It dawned on me small children live on the same floor and i wanted something spooky but something that wouldn’t frighten the children but rather show that the darkness or shadow can be beautiful. The sandman on my front door was made with recycled clay. It was clay that kept coming to pieces. Im surprised its still in one piece apart from a little broken hair. The dragon was also very breaking apart clay. The key is not to use breaking apart clay. I have displayed the Sandman on my light in my room. He stands right next to a Dreamcatcher sold to me by musicians from South America. Its very appropriate i think. We get along well. Sandman is so sexy.

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