Two petals and a star

Two petals and a star. Found these pale orange peach petals with an open fuschia pink flower. You can see all the gaps and bubbles of my first time resin process but i kind of love it like that. I love the veins in the petals

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Fuschia petals and a seed pod

Fuschia pink petals and a seed pod. You are drifting in my direction. Can we be friends ? I wonder if the flower varieties in the park whisper to each other.

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I am making mooncakes this year with a friend. I am giving her guidance on how to make. She is very excited and happy. She had a totally cool idea of mixing cranberries in the osmanthus lotus paste. It tasted so good. The different designs are pu-er tea flavour, osmanthus and cranberry and osmanthus and cranberry and walnuts. My friend likes nuts in her mooncake. It was crazy. We made mooncakes two days in a row.

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The jade infused with light

A break in earthly relations, on the cusp of enlightenment. The jade infused with light, the apple jade is broken revealing life. The red knot of connections intact.

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone 🌕 I have been making snowskin mooncakes. Experimenting with a new recipe. The reason the mooncakes are white is because they celebrate and represent the fullness of the moon. These mooncakes were made with less sweet white lotus paste. Wishing you a warm and beautiful Mid-Autumn. May the moon bathe us with their blessings. 🌕

Blue Pea Flower Snowskin Mooncakes

I’m making mooncakes this Mid Autumn. These are blue pea flower snowskin mooncakes (the lovely blue colouring comes from the flower) and the lotus paste is a less sweet brown sugar lotus paste. The less sweet lotus paste is really good. It has a lovely brown sugar gula melaka fragrance and its not too sweet. I find a small mooncake is just nice. We gave two away to mums friends. I make small batches. 6 mooncakes each time.

God at his worktable

Artwork of God at his worktable. I didn’t realise at first but i think the different objects on the table are like symbolic representations of the different manifestations of the universe. The bridge of continuity, the ball of creation, the empty dome of possibility, the leaning books.

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The Old Gods

I wrote this because i kept thinking about the many people that did not survive this time. My heart goes out to these people and the memory of them. The loved ones they leave behind who miss them. And the children and the future they have inherited. May we realise the interconnectedness of us all.