Frincstine and the Euthanasia Specialist- A Novel

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Frincstine and the Euthanasia Specialist has been my baby for the past year or so. I came up with the name Frincstine because i wanted a name that was unusual, and unheard of but fresh. I thought a little of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and somehow it fit, that this strange character would be shadowed by a name that sounded like a modern version of Frankenstein.

Frincstine is not a normal girl, she has different values and opinions to normal people, you may even say she is a bit of an outlaw. Frincstine is shy and the book never lets you forget that. The character of Frincstine is one of someone shy, yet surprising herself by the most extreme decisions she can make.

The inspiration for this book came because ever since i was young, i have had a fascination with articles on suicide. Especially the suicide of young people. I wanted to know why they made that choice to end their lives at such an early age, with lives full of promise. People who had everything, and just decided they didn’t want anything anymore.

Sadly through my research i have found that bullying is a major factor in these kids lives. i collected the news articles anywhere i could, in the newspapers.

The novel Frincstine and the Euthanasia Specialist hopes to introduce you to the other side of the coin. The side of the person who is watching these suicides, who participates to help others find a peaceful end, once an irreversible decision has been made. Drake does not kill people willingly, but finishes the job the victim has started. This challenges you the reader to the moral and physical outcomes of Euthanasia.

I hope you will enjoy the novel and appreciate the research that has gone into it from it’s scenarios to it’s outcomes. Thank you for reading and I wish you a life of bliss and happiness, for it is something we all deserve. Let us never forget the lives of those who have been sadly lost at a young age