Chinese inspired Art

These are some Chinese inspired art that I create that has personal themes and spiritual ideas

Meditation with spiritual kin

A meditation on the spiritual consciousness. Spiritual kin and achieving insight through meditation. The drawing is bathed in light and aura colours.

The mysterious coughing of blood

After being alive since the beginning of time, and caring for immortals and mortals alike. The ebb and flow of life presents itself as a spurt of blood coughed out. Tracing the source of the blood flow may prove difficult. When it started and which immortal or mortal may have caused it is not possible to trace. An accumulation and amalgamation of countless lives. Though she has only lived one here. Its time to move back into seclusion with her spiritual kin. The trees with winding branches set at equal spaces awaits her. Her tea table waits for her. The grove long forgotten and few find.
The girl coughing up blood

After years of cultivation, now she is coughing up blood. The drop of blood at her feet is only the beginning. A tea cup, pale and translucent has fallen to the ground.

The girl and the phoenix

It’s a cold rainy day and i’m in bed. This is an artwork i worked on. It’s a girl holding a phoenix with a jade seal and a black jade cup. The story is that when my mum let me wear one of her pendants she told me it was given by our relative. My mum told me phoenix is for girls and dragons are for boys. The jade seal and black jade cup are for remembrance. A long time ago when i was not well and hallucinating to the West having visions to the East i bought this jade seal and black jade cup in an antique shop. For some reason i was really drawn to it. The jade seal has a small chip on the dragon’s tail and and the cup fell from a table one day and chipped slightly. It is said that when jade breaks it breaks to protect you. So coming full circle, i somehow only just realised it. To show my appreciation for the jade that broke to protect me i wanted to do this drawing. I guess its time. At least in this drawing, the energy of the jade and the memory of its soul and completeness still exists in another realm.