Being a hermit

I wanted to share something today, that may not be immediately apparent. I live like a hermit, wandering nature and doing art. I am extremely blessed to have park directly behind my house. Living in Singapore means the weather is either hot sunshine or rain. Which basically means you can be in the park all year except the rainy months at the end of the year. I spend a good hour a day in this park. And this is one of my rituals. Listening to this water feature. The water speaks to us when we listen, full of endless wisdom. The water is in our blood. Sometimes the birds greet me, and the butterflies. The crows discuss the weather and the birds chirp more beautifully than a tune on the flute. A lot of my work is the result of intense reflection, which is why it happens slowly. Slow is good, it gives one time to contemplate and slow down. This is what i wanted to share with you today, a piece of my life. The sound of water.

Self portrait

This was done in Winter in Singapore according to the stamp. Its the second red stamp. I think in the darkness of winter we see ourselves more brightly. This is a self portrait. A spirit consciousness portrait. A portrait of moving energy. It is also perhaps a more accurate depiction of energy when travelling or moving through the spiritual realms. I think the self recognition when i looked at it was a little startling. Mainly because we dont often draw ourselves as energy. But my spirit knew and it came forth on paper.

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Travelling the jade realm

One of my older pieces. One of the pieces that depict spiritual travelling. Travelling and reaching the door of the jade realm. I believe those are the jade guardians featured. Jade guardians i feel are present in every piece of jade. The lines of fire in the soul, jade souls travelling.

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