And she stood in the void, reaching for the tower of books…

Hi everyone thank you for following this art page and hello to the new people following this art page. A warm welcome to you all and bear hugs and stuff. I hope you will continue to enjoy the art posts. I’m Desiree and i make the artwork on this page. I hope for all of you that your week is closing on a good note and you will have a great weekend.

This is the completed girl reaching for the tower of books. Its somewhere in the void, in the underworld. Searching for the rarest of books. She perches precariously on a slender cliff face, reaching out delicately to touch the top book. A tall leaning Pisa tower of books. Clothed in twilight, she illuminates the void, trying to see the books, and place them safely in her hand. Her mind focused on what this rare book may contain, here in the deepest of voids.

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And the tower of books

The tower of books, it raised to heaven….

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Tarot Card Design -The Magician

I am working on a new project at this end of year. I was very inspired to create a deck of cards called The Cards of Mystery that foretold the afterlife or explained it to me. I was interested also in divination of a more spiritual nature. I found that the best way to do this was to draw my own deck of cards.

By chance I found a book called Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt, which is a fantastic full coloured book. I was at a market and thought it might be good to read up, and just found the book. She explains things simply and clearly, which is a style that suits me very well. I like to keep things simple. Through Susan Levitt’s indepth explanations of every element of the picture in the tarot card, I was able to understand more fully the meaning of each card.

I am also inspired very deeply by Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, the novel by Susanna Clarke. There is a scene in the book which features two magicians Vinculus and Childermass, trying to give each other tarot readings using a deck of The Cards of Marseilles. Which is the ancient or first form of tarot. I think one of the differences in this deck is that the High Priestess, is known as the Female Pope.

The totem for my deck of cards is the raven, which to me represents wisdom, and hidden knowledge, and secrets. the dark figures that traverse the cards are reminiscent of the spiritual side of me. The back of the card is also visible in this picture. It is an artwork showing two bold brush strokes, and a black angel’s wing. the reason for this is that it represents two swords, or conflict, and to strike at the heart of the wing, is to strike at a mystery which flies away, and nails it. That is my explanation for the back of the card, visible in the picture on the left. The magician is featured sitting on a throne, generally meaning to represent magical power which creates success in your endeavours. A raven speaks to him and magical writing lines his clothes. The windows to the afterlife are open, and there is plenty of light.

This picture was painted in watercolour. One of my favourites

End of Year 2014 Tarot and Art 002 (2)

In heaven with a friend

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 014

I believe if there is a heaven, it is vast. One aspect of heaven would look like this to me, just sitting quietly with a close friend, discussing or contemplating a book.

The goth is a sort of guardian of heaven, we all imagine what we relate to. A guardian would probably be sent to me, in the form of someone i could relate to. He would be it, the man in the drawing.

This drawing also symbolises what it means to be alone. I am alone, and I feel I will always be alone.

the purple pink background was carefully chosen. I searched long and hard for just the right colour pastel to represent the background. the colour had to be matching to what I saw when I had schizophrenia. It had to be exact. Down to the pink swirls mixed it.

I love this drawing, it brings me peace. I hope it brings you peace.