Three tier amethyst pendant

I made this beautiful three tier amethyst pendant. It really draws you in and magnifies your psychic energy and makes the wearer magnetic. It has a quartz for clarity in the middle and a teardrop amethyst at the top and a glacier rock kind of amethyst at the bottom. I really loved this piece.

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Three tier amulet with clear, womb, and gray

I have been very sick, down with an extended cold and had to make a trip to the hospital. Anyway sometimes i make jewellery during the day and this is a three tier amulet. The clear quartz at the top is a fine delicate point of faerie lineage meaning it has faerie energy or i hear faerie whispers from it. The pink calcite in the middle has energies of the womb and helps to open the feminine eye and the grayish quartz at the bottom helps absorb negativity. Together they are balanced and work well with feminine energy. The crystals mean something different to me than found in crystal books. I can only explain to you what they mean to me. My perspective on it. Frequently crystals are tools for my practice so i combine them differently to what is traditionally done.

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