And she stood in the void, reaching for the tower of books…

Hi everyone thank you for following this art page and hello to the new people following this art page. A warm welcome to you all and bear hugs and stuff. I hope you will continue to enjoy the art posts. I’m Desiree and i make the artwork on this page. I hope for all of you that your week is closing on a good note and you will have a great weekend.

This is the completed girl reaching for the tower of books. Its somewhere in the void, in the underworld. Searching for the rarest of books. She perches precariously on a slender cliff face, reaching out delicately to touch the top book. A tall leaning Pisa tower of books. Clothed in twilight, she illuminates the void, trying to see the books, and place them safely in her hand. Her mind focused on what this rare book may contain, here in the deepest of voids.

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The archangel Michael


This drawing is one of my favourites. It shows a past lifetime in another world, and somehow the Archangel Michael connected, and resonated. In a sea of souls, conquering despair, and even the angel in the corner, alone can feel the light of the Archangel Michael’s sword. Angels move around the souls. People raise up their arms in hope, and the girl bows her head, in this moment, all is well.

The girl and the pied piper


The pied piper has lived in my imagination for as long as i remember. i love the story of the pied piper who played his pipe and lured children away to the mountains where they disappeared and were never found.
The pied piper represents the power of art and music to draw the viewer away into another world. Sometimes I feel as if i am from a different world, and the pied piper always reminds me of that.

I am not immune to the siren call of the pied piper, wherever he may lead me.