The angel passing through Sophia Desert

An angel passing through the shadows to the light across the great Sophia Desert. The desert of wisdom all must pass. The arches reflect doorways to various places. The buildings of rest for all are passed. The paths are very many, through the desert. She finds her way as she has passed through here before.

art #spiritual #meditation #god #drawing

God at his worktable

Artwork of God at his worktable. I didn’t realise at first but i think the different objects on the table are like symbolic representations of the different manifestations of the universe. The bridge of continuity, the ball of creation, the empty dome of possibility, the leaning books.

art #instaart #instaartist #god #spiritual #meditation #drawing

The meeting of three friends

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 013

The meeting of three friends is from the imaginary life of my mind. What it would be like to be friends with Leonardo Da Vinci and God. Here in this drawing Leonardo Da Vinci, God and the representation of a girl reach out their hands in a symbol of trust.

The lightning refers to the life force of the creator. In this case the lightning is purple, representing intuition. Sometimes I use blue lightning to represent an awakening or realization or spirit.

The background is in the place of the three suns.