God djing to the angels

Today is a cold and rainy day, i hope you are all doing ok and keeping warm.

God djing to the angels, in one of my visions. Lucidly ethereal and soul piercing music.

We think we know everything,
the way the cosmos should be
A lilting music starts
And we are someplace else
Only we are aware
Of how powerful music is
And God is.

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Across the avenue

I saw you,
Along the avenue
Across the path
A few steps away from me.
You stood.
Did you reach out a hand
We couldn’t touch
And we walked our separate ways.

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Gothic brooch for my friend

I made this slightly more gothic looking brooch for my friend who gave me some costume jewellery to repurpose. It has a story, because the amethyst bead comes from a necklace that i strung. It was the last bead and i thought it would remind us of time spent together. The key is also a heart shaped design key. My friend is not a goth but she does like black gems so this seemed like the appropriate cabochon to use. She pinned it to her black bag and it looked awesome.

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The Carnival

Dino show Self Red Jacket 019

I was inspired to do this drawing by watching the television series Carnivale. I have always felt an affinity with the travelling life of a performer. In my earlier days I did travel quite a bit, and you never lose the sense of how comforting it is to live out of a suitcase. It always remains with you.

The characters from Carnivale take place in this drawing, a boy shown resurrecting a cat, a midget shown talking to a glowing ball of green light, a tarot card reader who sees the mirrors under the tent, and the prophecies that come with it. (From right to left)The wheels of life turning, the hidden paths and the magic cane, the branches that spread out across the mirror, life’s many possibilities.

On the top left hand corner shows the magician king, and on the right, the balanced towers of power illuminated by the sun.

The magician in us, and power in us has to be balanced by the sun. The world of the three suns illuminating each window. There is always light.

In this drawing the tarot card reader is blind, and linked to the earth is the magician king. the magician inside of us leads the way, it is not simply about having physical vision. We are led from the inside, not the other way around.

Angels on Hat

Angels on hat 001

Strange hermit with angels carolling on top of his hat, Had a symbolism of balance of light and dark, here he is present in the sky, with blue clouds and a serene surrounding. Maybe hermits are closer to heaven. who knows.

The angels appear to be in congregation as well, or discussing something, as the hermit holds his transparent cat, a symbolism for understanding secrets.

Nostalgic angel turning time to music

angel moves time 006

These strange bowler hat twins who are made of smoke serenely listen to some music from a gramaphone. a little mysterious black raven watches on. An angel reaches up while they are distracted by the music and turns a wheel, a red chord present in her other hand to turn time.

Definately a symbol of one trying to manipulate the slowness or quickness of time, a heavenly intervention by the angel changes things a bit

Magician at the table

drawings 2 7 jan 2014 013

I love this drawing, it is not for sale. I love it that much. It shows a magician wearing a magenta cloak, which is a self portrait in a way. I own a burgundy cloak and I am a woman but the colour of the cloak in the picture represents some part of my soul.

The magician who could be male or female sits at the table, with a candle giving off bright white light and writes a story, or a scroll in a secret language. Light from the ceiling peeks in through a hole and shines down on the magician, almost illuminating him.

This is an image of self illumination to me, i treasure it.

Magician with raven and book

Christmas 2013 005

This drawing was given to my Godbrother as a birthday present. I truly love it because the face of the magician is androgynous, and really reminds me of what an angel would look like.

The magician is based on my favourite novel and is reading a book of secrets. Ravens flutter around and keep the magician company.

I used watercolour because i wanted to express fluidness, shadows, and forms and smoke that surround a magician. In short I wanted to show the subconscious mind of the magician.