Saipeh and the blood on resin

My friend is being my Saipeh for this project. She explained to me that Saipeh is Teochew Chinese dialect for Master. She is teaching me how to work with resin. I think these are some of my favourite jewellery pieces of the year. Brown leaves moving as if in the wind, blood tears trying to reach each other. As if a drop of blood is frozen in time, on resin.

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Wire sword

I made this sword out of wire. It is my first time attempting this project. The binding went the wrong way but i will take note for next time. It still looks nice, like the kind of sword you use to exorcise evil. I think i will make more of them. They are a little difficult to make but worth it.

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Gothic brooch for my friend

I made this slightly more gothic looking brooch for my friend who gave me some costume jewellery to repurpose. It has a story, because the amethyst bead comes from a necklace that i strung. It was the last bead and i thought it would remind us of time spent together. The key is also a heart shaped design key. My friend is not a goth but she does like black gems so this seemed like the appropriate cabochon to use. She pinned it to her black bag and it looked awesome.

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Vampire brooch

My friend gifted me some costume jewellery she no longer wanted. I couldn’t resist obviously, making them into antique looking brooches. I do love a good vampy brooch.  It looks like the kind of brooch a vampire in the 19th century would wear out. I am such a vampire, for red berry juices. Maybe thats why i love these deep red beads.

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Three tier amulet with clear, womb, and gray

I have been very sick, down with an extended cold and had to make a trip to the hospital. Anyway sometimes i make jewellery during the day and this is a three tier amulet. The clear quartz at the top is a fine delicate point of faerie lineage meaning it has faerie energy or i hear faerie whispers from it. The pink calcite in the middle has energies of the womb and helps to open the feminine eye and the grayish quartz at the bottom helps absorb negativity. Together they are balanced and work well with feminine energy. The crystals mean something different to me than found in crystal books. I can only explain to you what they mean to me. My perspective on it. Frequently crystals are tools for my practice so i combine them differently to what is traditionally done.

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Fantasy hairpins

I made these Fantasy hairpins. They are inspired by hairpins you see from movies of ancient times. They look a little like something from an archaeological excavation. Like bones with a touch of fantasy. I really want to continue making them, they’re very interesting to me. Part art part functional. They represent a certain elegance. What can you say through your sculpture at the tip of a hairpin that when someone wears they will be reminded of ? Questions. Hairpins are interesting. People don’t really notice them but they do make a statement about who you are

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Story of the bird on a branch necklace

I’m wearing the bird on a branch necklace here to show you what it looks like when someone wears it. It matches well with a white dress or blouse, and light blue would be pretty as well. There’s a story. When i was taking the photograph, i tried to lift the necklace over my head, chain and all. My hair is long so it got tangly. A small branch that was attached broke. (Close up pic) So i had to repair the branch and rebake all over again. (Standing picture of me the branch is longer) These things do happen in art when you are testing things out and trying things out. The main thing is not to give up hope. Now i learn its much better to unclasp the necklace carefully. And i learnt joinings must be thicker. Its all part of the process. Im glad to still have this piece and it was inspired so I’m glad it looks a little like what i envisioned in my mind. I hope to improve on the branch series. The beautiful thing about art is its never broken forever, its never imperfect, it comes into being and just is. You can give things a new life.

The bird on a branch necklace

I made this necklace with clay. Its a bird with an ornamental bottle and small crystal on a branch with a dreamy blue celestite stone of lucid state awareness. The light blue veins running through it is inspired by Chinese Porcelain. Its kind of one of my dreams to recreate in some way inspired by Spirituality and how Ancient Chinese Art was created.

Two lovebirds on a branch

I made this as a gift for mum’s friend who invited us to her house for dinner. Its two love birds on a branch. Its kind of special to me because in this time of worldwide shortage of clay and materials like chain i managed to put this together for her. Very grateful for the opportunity to offer a meaningful gift to a friend who was so kind to feed us dinner and bought us cake.

The dragon, the lotus and his stone

I’ve been working with clay a lot recently. It just seems to express my ideas in a different form. This piece is a little dragon, surrounded by delicate lotus leaves. A culmination of spiritual energy in a rutilated quartz. They sit well together. The dragon, the lotus and his stone. A lot of the pieces i make seem like amulets. Though this was not intentional. My mind was somewhere else in the spiritual realm. Its just what the energy seems to bring forth. I think this was the case with crystal pieces ive made. I try to celebrate the beauty of the life and energy of the crystal. But its bought and worn as an amulet. Two different perspectives.

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