The meeting of three friends

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 013

The meeting of three friends is from the imaginary life of my mind. What it would be like to be friends with Leonardo Da Vinci and God. Here in this drawing Leonardo Da Vinci, God and the representation of a girl reach out their hands in a symbol of trust.

The lightning refers to the life force of the creator. In this case the lightning is purple, representing intuition. Sometimes I use blue lightning to represent an awakening or realization or spirit.

The background is in the place of the three suns.

Playing chess with Leonardo Da Vinci

New artwork all 3rd June 2013 011

I have never seen heaven, but in my mind there exists a world with three suns where God resides. In my mind, I sometimes imagine what it would be like to have conversations with Leonardo Da Vinci or talk to him in the afterlife. This is an artwork showing this gentle thought.

It is an interpretation, the man has his beard covering his mouth, which represents a hidden or secret silence. The girl is a self portrait represented a sphinx.