Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all celebrating

Happy Mid-Autumn festival to all who are celebrating. Mid Autumn in the Chinese calendar is celebrated when the moon is at its fullest in the year.

This year post covid we finally got to see the beautiful gardens at gardens by the bay again. The lanterns were truly spectacular.

The huge scene is of Chang’e and Hou Yi i believe.

The colourful lanterns are lanna lanterns. They are Thai lanterns.

There are handpainted lanterns by volunteers.

The rabbit shaped lanterns are the chinese zodiac of this year which symbolise peace, longevity and prosperity

I truly hope you enjoy tonight. A whole year of working hard and now the harvest is here. A time for reunions and appreciating the eternal nature and beauty of the moon.

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I am making mooncakes this year with a friend. I am giving her guidance on how to make. She is very excited and happy. She had a totally cool idea of mixing cranberries in the osmanthus lotus paste. It tasted so good. The different designs are pu-er tea flavour, osmanthus and cranberry and osmanthus and cranberry and walnuts. My friend likes nuts in her mooncake. It was crazy. We made mooncakes two days in a row.

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