I am making mooncakes this year with a friend. I am giving her guidance on how to make. She is very excited and happy. She had a totally cool idea of mixing cranberries in the osmanthus lotus paste. It tasted so good. The different designs are pu-er tea flavour, osmanthus and cranberry and osmanthus and cranberry and walnuts. My friend likes nuts in her mooncake. It was crazy. We made mooncakes two days in a row.

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Mooncakes or cakes

I’ve been making mooncakes or cakes in a chinese style. These are my preparation plates so theres some lotus paste on them. The design of the cake with the tuan yuan words or reunion are osmanthus and lotus paste. The design with just the lotus are rose lotus paste cakes. Theres a picture of the rose lotus balls. They look like a bit like chinese medicine balls glowing in a beautiful colour. This batch turned out well. Was a batch of 14 cakes. We have given them in pairs (one rose one osmanthus) to our neighbours and friends closeby. The tuan yuan is meaningful because now is Chinese New Year so it reminds people to have a happy reunion ❤

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Making mooncakes

This is my first attempt making mooncakes. Its not perfect but it tastes nice. I used blue pea flower to colour the mooncake blue and beetroot and rose essence + home made rose water for the pink mooncakes. The mold is a dragon. I always feel like the dragon is talking to me while i eat my mooncake. The dragon just looks talkative. The filling is brown sugar less sweet lotus paste. Its an enjoyable experience making mooncakes. Will try to improve. Much love to you all. Hope you are all finding creative things to do in lockdown or during Covid.