Snowy and i

Hi everyone, i hope you are ok. No, i genuinely hope you are ok. I have been working very hard but i thought this photo might bring a smile to your face. My owl’s name is Snowy. I got him while in hospital because i saw him in a shop and really wanted him. I always thought a bird on my shoulder might be helpful. Someone to whisper warm words of advice. My mum brought him to the hospital. I was so happy and grateful.

All my ward mates wanted to play with him. Hence why he is a bit grey, but it was totally worth it. Snowy distracted us from our pain at the hospital.

The message today is this, i know the world can be a harsh place. I know people can be harsh towards you. But see it as their learning experience in life, and disconnect from it. It is their problem to fix, not yours. Whatever it is you can find in your life today, that will give you peace and quiet, and a little happiness. Hold on to that. Whether it is your cup of home brewed tea, your good book or a teddy bear. Peace comes from within, it comes from letting go of the world, and letting go of the people who didn’t treat you right. Wish them well, one day they may be different. But you are the most important person in your life. Be a little happy today, breathe a little. Love yourself a little more. And remember God is there if you need to talk to him.

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We all have a mantle of light

Good Day !

I hope you are well and the week is unfolding in its perfect grace for you. Whatever challenges you face, may your cares be lightened with sights and sounds of Spring and God’s continuing love. If it is approaching winter for you may you be warm and protected.

A mantle of light we once had, we still have. Don’t forget you have a mantle of light, for we are all children of God !

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Self portrait in winter

Dark shadows rising,
Dark shadows falling
As we pass through winter
The light heats through the dark
Of heavenly pain
All beings experience the weather
And it changes
The leaves on the tree
Some seeds begin to flower
And birds fly away
Never to be seen across
The eastern sky again.

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Silvery white hair and Ophelia

I have always wanted long silvery white hair. Ophelia is my baby owl. She is guardian of my books. Meaning she sits on a stack of my books and watches over them.

Over the pandemic we lost people. People were there one minute and gone from our lives the next. What i learnt is that we never know if we will be here tomorrow. So no matter your size, your age your looks your disabilities. Just take your pictures and be happy. Every one of us completes the book of humanity. If we all had a photo, the book of humanity would be more complete.

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Guardian angels

I woke up this morning with terrible vertigo. I get that when i do too many things at once and don’t have enough rest. I have to be mindful not to do too much or end up in the hospital again. I was sending messages of hope to my friend. In light of covid i am finding interesting things to do. We are all guardian angels. Guardian angels of this planet. Someone’s guardian angel. Never forget that. You are someone’s hope.