Little fatigued angel

It is nearing Christmas and i made this little being. I think he is a fatigued angel, probably from flying around trying to answer everyone’s prayers. This is him lying down on his very own prayer table. He looks peacefully asleep and i hope this Christmas will be a good, peaceful one for you. That you will have time to take a snooze, just like a little fatigued angel.

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Side by side

And they sat side by side peacefully, a couple of angels holding on to little quartz crystals

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Clay Candy canes for Christmas

I’ve been making clay candy canes for Christmas. Just to have some fun around Christmas with decorating. Making them isn’t so hard but you have to have patience painting them. I also made two little snowmans. We gave away a few of the candy cane ornaments as gifts and mum wore the candy cane earrings and necklace to a fun work event for Christmas 😀

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Story of the bird on a branch necklace

I’m wearing the bird on a branch necklace here to show you what it looks like when someone wears it. It matches well with a white dress or blouse, and light blue would be pretty as well. There’s a story. When i was taking the photograph, i tried to lift the necklace over my head, chain and all. My hair is long so it got tangly. A small branch that was attached broke. (Close up pic) So i had to repair the branch and rebake all over again. (Standing picture of me the branch is longer) These things do happen in art when you are testing things out and trying things out. The main thing is not to give up hope. Now i learn its much better to unclasp the necklace carefully. And i learnt joinings must be thicker. Its all part of the process. Im glad to still have this piece and it was inspired so I’m glad it looks a little like what i envisioned in my mind. I hope to improve on the branch series. The beautiful thing about art is its never broken forever, its never imperfect, it comes into being and just is. You can give things a new life.

The bird on a branch necklace

I made this necklace with clay. Its a bird with an ornamental bottle and small crystal on a branch with a dreamy blue celestite stone of lucid state awareness. The light blue veins running through it is inspired by Chinese Porcelain. Its kind of one of my dreams to recreate in some way inspired by Spirituality and how Ancient Chinese Art was created.