Nature walk this morning

Let me take you on a small, and strange and magical nature tour of my life this morning. I live in Singapore, its a small island in Southeast Asia. Its a tropical island so we have sun and rain 365 days a year. I am super blessed to have a park behind my house. I went on a walk this morning after breakfast. I managed to collect some fallen flowers from growing varieties in the park. I say fallen and i’m serious. I did not pick any growing flowers. Wouldn’t want to hurt the flowers. As i proceeded to retrieve the fallen flowers from the ground, i had to be very polite to the big red ants who were doing their collecting as well. I say its an achievement to not having been bitten. Humano-animalno co-operation to the max. The ants were also on the park railings so i had to do my stretching exercises elsewhere. What you see here are a variety of flower petals i found. All with very vibrant colours. Some random shots of flower specimens i found interesting as well. I proceeded to make some resin pendants full of bubbles and quirks cured imperfectly which i will show you soon. I am needing the help of my Saipeh when she is free.

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Contemplating the moon

Its been really busy for me but now i can catch a breath theres something i’ve been meaning to share with you. These are sketches from my visual diary. Sometimes the ideas make it into large artworks, sometimes they are personal expressions of how i feel that day. This is the latest one. So we can both feel the same energy.

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