The reviving of the jade soul

The Gods reviving the jade soul energy between the two of them. Used for further spiritual development. The air lights up in silence as the jade soul is fused together.

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The lady of the golden lotuses

I am sharing this one because a few friends liked the composition. I have some advice to share as well. This is done in Chinese inks on watercolour paper. Though i do love this painting the spots probably due to water from the brush are driving me crazy. I loved the idea of this painting though. The lady of the golden lotuses. My advice is not to use Chinese inks on watercolour paper, the Chinese black ink does not take well to the paper. Neither does the Chinese seal. Still as my friend mentioned. The chaos is part of the process. My other friend mentioned. Just think of the spots as the design on her dress.

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Silvery white hair and Ophelia

I have always wanted long silvery white hair. Ophelia is my baby owl. She is guardian of my books. Meaning she sits on a stack of my books and watches over them.

Over the pandemic we lost people. People were there one minute and gone from our lives the next. What i learnt is that we never know if we will be here tomorrow. So no matter your size, your age your looks your disabilities. Just take your pictures and be happy. Every one of us completes the book of humanity. If we all had a photo, the book of humanity would be more complete.

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Art on the wall

I am decorating the wall outside my house with artwork. There is more and more artwork as time goes by. There are children living on the floor so i try to choose artwork that they can enjoy as well. I try to choose the pieces i never get tired of looking at.

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Leaning my forehead on the shoulder of God

One of my absolute favourite paintings

Leaning my forehead on the shoulder of God. I think we are both dressed in cold water blue. God is sometimes faceless and sometimes he has a face. Time stamped in winter. ❄️❄️❄️

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Lotus on water

This is a traditional watercolour study of a lotus. Lotuses are a symbol of spiritual advancement. Particularly in Buddhism. Many goddesses are seen standing on lotuses. I think it represents a balance or harmony of energy. The petals open left and right to represent spiritual awakening or the awakening of your energy centres. It is one of the few flowers that seems to surpass the earthly realm into the spiritual realm in terms of representation. I just wanted to paint a lotus as it is. Its simple beauty. Done in Spring in Singapore

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Being a hermit

I wanted to share something today, that may not be immediately apparent. I live like a hermit, wandering nature and doing art. I am extremely blessed to have park directly behind my house. Living in Singapore means the weather is either hot sunshine or rain. Which basically means you can be in the park all year except the rainy months at the end of the year. I spend a good hour a day in this park. And this is one of my rituals. Listening to this water feature. The water speaks to us when we listen, full of endless wisdom. The water is in our blood. Sometimes the birds greet me, and the butterflies. The crows discuss the weather and the birds chirp more beautifully than a tune on the flute. A lot of my work is the result of intense reflection, which is why it happens slowly. Slow is good, it gives one time to contemplate and slow down. This is what i wanted to share with you today, a piece of my life. The sound of water.

Self portrait

This was done in Winter in Singapore according to the stamp. Its the second red stamp. I think in the darkness of winter we see ourselves more brightly. This is a self portrait. A spirit consciousness portrait. A portrait of moving energy. It is also perhaps a more accurate depiction of energy when travelling or moving through the spiritual realms. I think the self recognition when i looked at it was a little startling. Mainly because we dont often draw ourselves as energy. But my spirit knew and it came forth on paper.

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