Incense in the morning

I am lighting sandalwood incense this morning. It very soothing and calm. I am grateful for it. It is good to meditate this morning. I hope you are all enjoying this cool autumn day and are well in all aspects of your being.

This year even though it is seventh month i cannot feel any ghosts, only light.
In my earlier years i could feel a haunted atmosphere and ghosts coming and going and portals to the underworld. All that has closed now.

According to heavenly law i cannot light incense or make offerings to the dead. This year i had completely forgotten it was seventh month till i walked in the park, on the way back i noticed some offerings and it jolted my memory. I can light incense to meditate though. It is strange to feel this much in the light now. The invisible barriers are there. What i am allowed to do and what i am not. I sit here thinking of dead relatives, wishing them well and being at peace. Its the least i can do.

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The change of seasons from Autumn to Winter

This marks the change of the seasons for us. From Autumn to Winter in Singapore. I have had a wreath of autumn leaves on the main door because it’s one of my favourite seasons. Also spiritually my garden is autumn. I have displayed some very old art prints of my artwork outside the house.

The pied piper in the eternal garden playing his flute wearing a rainbow coloured cloak. Playing to the trees and to the season. An ode to eternity and meditation.

The other print is in the spiritual vortex of a girl on a three headed horse being greeted by Hermes and a chalice overflowing with water. Also featuring the pied piper. We all intersect at different points in our lives. Spiritually we are friends with more beings than we can comprehend.

I like having artwork outside the house. Its kind of an interactive space now for anyone who passes by the house. Some neighbours get a lot of sunlight for plants but i got the blank wall 😀

God and I in the garden of repose

This is one of my unseen works. It is on display on a wall in my living room at the moment. This painting was done in Spring in Singapore according to my stamp. This is a painting of God and I in our garden. We have a garden of repose. This side has cliffs so its more God’s side of the garden than mine. My garden is always autumn. The cherry blossom petals have voices and they rise upwards singing to us. God is blue today, and i’m a lighter colour today. The threads of life run through my neck and runs through God’s and we patiently wait for a time when we can be reunited. The cliffs are steep i doubt very much i would have surmounted this without God’s help.

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