Three headed unicorn in the world of three suns

drawings 2 7 jan 2014 006

This is my drawing of a three headed unicorn in the world of three suns, in a balance to the three headed unicorns that could be from the underworld

drawings 7th jan 2014 001

I believe that everything exists in a balance, the light as well as the dark.

In the three headed unicorn in the world of suns, the godself is present, as a watcher and a confidante, and the three headed unicorn masters itself by standing on the suns.

The godself is covered with flames from the sun and to me represents being on spiritual fire, or illumination. The three headed unicorn to me represents mastery over trial, and balance, as it balances on two suns.

A magician riding the three headed unicorn

drawings 7th jan 2014 001

I drew a green three headed unicorn while i had schizophrenia. I was always fascinated by it and wondered why i drew it. It was like one of those animal totems the native americans are talking about. Well this is mine, the three headed unicorn.

I think there is a magician inside of me, to do art feels like magic.

Someone commented that its a symbol from the underworld, but i don’t feel thats true, i don’t see why three headed unicorns can’t exist in the higher realms too.

I was afraid to draw a three headed unicorn at first, i felt judged, but after I drew it i realized how silly i had been. It is beautiful.

First collage

first collage 007 (2)

This is my first collage, I’ve never really done one before. I was terrified of it at first, but as i looked over the details more and more, i grew over to appreciate and love it.

the idea behind it was that there were three stories tied into one. the strange black figures in the work represent how i feel. the man walking out of the beach is typical of feeling watched, but somehow having the confidence to walk on water.

the three figures walking on a silver gilded or carved plate, represents time travel or transcending boundaries with more than one point of view at a time.

Lastly, but not least I love mirrors. I love drawing people looking into mirrors. You always wonder what they see. The lady in the black cloak is displaced. Even in her family, she feels displaced. The colourful image behind the missing spectre of the woman is actually a tarot card image of the hermit. It reminds me slightly of Emily Dickinson

The combination of the renaissance woman and the unicorn represents freedom, freedom to express darkness.

The man hiding on the table represents being in view or being watched, i can be paranoid. The dark figure represents death, or being visited by death. A figure i have seen from time to time while being in bed in the past.

I think that’s all 🙂 thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy the collage, I made it a bit bigger so you can see the details.