Gothic brooch for my friend

I made this slightly more gothic looking brooch for my friend who gave me some costume jewellery to repurpose. It has a story, because the amethyst bead comes from a necklace that i strung. It was the last bead and i thought it would remind us of time spent together. The key is also a heart shaped design key. My friend is not a goth but she does like black gems so this seemed like the appropriate cabochon to use. She pinned it to her black bag and it looked awesome.

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Vampire brooch

My friend gifted me some costume jewellery she no longer wanted. I couldn’t resist obviously, making them into antique looking brooches. I do love a good vampy brooch.  It looks like the kind of brooch a vampire in the 19th century would wear out. I am such a vampire, for red berry juices. Maybe thats why i love these deep red beads.

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Vampire falling

drawings 2 7 jan 2014 010

I saw this when i had schizophrenia, i saw many interesting things during schizophrenia that inspire my art. I saw a vampire or a man resembling a member of a choir from this band called Rosa Crux.

The vampire was falling from the sky, as punishment or a test. I saw folds of dark red silk. I fell from the sky too.

In this drawing he does not fall to the ground, he is suspended in the air, which is what I saw. People who are related or know him stand below watching, I try to capture different reactions.